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WebFame [v.0.4]


For years now Alice has been busting her ass off for a shitty payroll and decided it’s time to find other means of moneymaking. Why not do it like all those streamers out there? Talking into a camera all day from your comfortable home, provide some entertainment and just wait for the money to roll in. That’s the idea however.
In reality though, why would anyone watch the gazillionth girl talking about her day into a camera?
Alice needs to find other means to make her content stand out, and well, you can guess yourself what comes next…​

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Thread Updated: 2024-04-20
Release Date: 2024-04-17
Developer: Freyleigh Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
OS: Android
Language: English

Story and Gameplay:
– 6 new days added to the existing 9 days of Alices story
– a new camera perspective is unlocked during story mode
– 5 new lewd scenes and events added with 5 new toys/items
– the endless mode is now accessible from the main menu – coming with story events and new mechanics (details below)
– a new questing system is now accessible (endless mode): the player is asked to make Alice perform certain actions to earn money
– 3 new minigames added (endless mode)
– 4 new triggered story events (endless mode)

Minigames (endless mode only):
– 3 new minigames:
1) a reaction game where the player has to stop a moving marker over a marked area
2) a reaction game where the player has to click markers on screen before they disappear
3) a contextualized minigame where the player has to click repeatedly in order to make Alice preform a certain action

– new hairstyle and haircolor selection tool added – this includes 5 new styles coming in 4 different colors each
– option to change pubic hair with 3 new styles added
– new cosmetic item: condom – obtainable by playing story mode
– new cosmetic item: marker pen – coming in 3 different stages – obtainable by playing story mode

– moveable camera (y-axis) added to 3rd camera perspective and a special scene in the 1st camera perspective
– hide button added to hide textbox (issue of hiding whole screen when pressing H resolved)
– improved system for displaying chat messages more reliably
– quest and reward system added with 15 randomly chosen quests available (endless mode)
– new action menu to trigger lewd scenes (endless mode)
– cheat menu now available with 5 different cheats (endless mode)
– new system to automatically cicle fitting emotions (endless mode)
– reworked shop to account for endless mode requirements
– removed xp system in endless mode

Other visuals:
– 8 new poses for Alice
– back of head (Alice) with changeable hairstyles and colors added
– new package delivery and unpacking overlay
– new phone call overlay with a visual of Sophie
– new side image for Sophie
– new Ui elements

– 40 new random chat messages
– minor bug fixes

Download for ANDROID

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