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Living with Tsunade [v0.37]

In a ninja world full of challenges and surprises, you assume the role of Naruto Uzumaki, who finds himself in unexpected financial straits.
Evicted from his apartment due to rent debts, he seeks Tsunade’s help, only to discover that she will not be able to help him because she has spent her money at the casino.
Forced to live under the same roof, Naruto and Tsunade embark on a unique adventure full of comical situations and… this whole stupid story is just an excuse.​

Thread Updated: 2024-03-27
Release Date: 2024-03-21
Developer: Bitawastaken – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.37
OS: Android
Language: English

New quest for Ino at classroom (talk to her at evening)
New quest for Sakura (Talk to her at hospital at night)
44 drawings in total (23 for animations)
1 new game mechanic (spoiler below)
2 new items added
Rework of the day and night system
Rework of how animations work in game
Rework of Parallax map

I deleted the image preload and now they are only preloaded when they are going to be used.
1. Fixed bug that didn’t allow to advance in the quest “the power of sake”.
2. Fixed some bugs with Ino’s quest “it was close” that caused it to be displayed at other times out of normal.
3. Fixed Sakura’s quest journal “you run out of time” now works correctly, before it didn’t give information.
4. Fixed a bug that doesn’t allow you to advance in the game when you play from the intro.
5. Fixed some quest texts related to the seasons of the day were fixed.
6. Fixed bug was solved where Sakura appears in the room of the patient indefinitely after relizar her quest.
7. Fixed a bug where a text appears saying that you don’t have lockpick after using it in the academy.
8. Fixed bug with Ino new quest. Now you can repeat Ino’s new quest without problems.
9. Added lockpick skill to the stats.
10. Added stealth cheat
11. Added more information to the journal of some quests like: Jiraiya and Sakura.
12. Changes in how the quest “power of sake” works, it caused errors to other quests.
13. Changes in the tsunade quest “is it worth it? Now the quest can be done on the same day: Thursday Morning-> Afternoon. On the other hand the Journal works correctly.
14. Minor changes to the items (Now the objects of quest appear as keys). Some have their corresponding icon.
15. Time skip near to tsunade tv was deleted.

Download for ANDROID

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