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City of Secrets [v0.02.02]

City of Secrets

You play as a character called ‘Emma’, who is starting College in a new city. As she continues through college, she suddenly starts experiencing weird dreams repeatedly. However, the dreams soon take a strange turn as they mix with reality and bind Emma into a contract with her soul on the line.

As Emma attempts to complete the contract, various characters will work with and against her as she unravels a grand plot involving a powerful organization operating in the shadows.​

Thread Updated: 2024-04-26
Release Date: 2024-03-29
Developer: TheDarkLight – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.02.02
OS: Android
Language: English

Version 0.02.02

Completed Lavinia Map Sprites
Added Victoria Scene 4 + Pixel Animations
Added Completed Victoria Scene 1 CG
Added Olivia Scene 3 Pixel Animations
Added Elvira Portrait
Added Dungeon 2 Mask Possession Pixel Animations
Added Dungeon 1 Slime Gloryhole CG
Added Dungeon 2 Tentacle Hypnosis Pixel Animations (Partial)
Updated Various Existing CG Arts (Small Changes)
Added Dungeon 2 Intro CG (Partial)
Completed Dungeon 2
Added Professor Amelia Portrait
Added Professor Sarah Portrait
Added Swim Instructor Portrait
Fixed bug where Dungeon 2 Trap UI wouldn’t work on 1st Entry
Fixed bug where traps in Dungeon 2 wouldn’t give passive skill upon Reaching Lvl 3
Typo fixes…
Fixed Dungeon Bad End UI not working with touch screen
Fixed Dungeon 2 Floor 2 events repeating on backtracking
Fixed Guidance Bear for Victoria Event 4
Fixed other stuff I can’t remember…

Download for ANDROID

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