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Refuge of Embers [v0.15b]

Refuge of Embers

The story follows the main character Biorn as the world he knows gives way to change that causes him to discover a deeper purpose. Biorn lives a simple life with his friends in a remote frontier town at the edge of the known world, an impassable ring of dense forest filled with deadly beasts. Events take place that cause him to journey to the enormous capital city of Faruwine where he will inevitably encounter many interesting characters and situations. How will Biorn and his friends react to the strange new world they find themselves in?

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Thread Updated: 2024-04-20
Release Date: 2024-04-19
Developer: Escape Sauce Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.15b
OS: Android
Language: English

Version 0.15b:

  • Script increased to 27,560 words with additions to the main story line
  • Added the prologue day 0 and day 1 rewrite with more sprite animations
  • Added new background props to slum background (supply delivery)
  • Reworked all 31 Eryn sprite eyes (new irises & pupils, small fixes)
  • Added 6 new Eryn sprite mouths (3 open normal, 3 open slightly happy)
  • Reworked several existing Eryn sprite mouths
  • Major rework on Lena sprite (lowered neck, repainting)
  • Reworked or remade all 16 Lena sprite eyes (new irises & pupils, fixes)
  • Major rework on all 5 Lena sprite arms
  • Reworked Lena sprite hair
  • Added 7 new Lena sprite mouths (4 open normal, 3 open slightly happy)
  • Major rework on Lucine sprite (lowered neck, smaller forehead, repainting)
  • Reworked all 19 Lucine sprite eyes (new irises & pupils, small fixes)
  • Added 6 new Lucine sprite mouths (3 open normal, 3 open slightly happy)
  • Reworked shirts on Lucine sprite
  • Reworked socks on Lucine sprite to add thigh muffining
  • Redesigned Aina sprite hair
  • Reworked Aina sprite makeup and added freckles
  • Added 9 new Aina sprite poses
  • Rework on Raisa sprite (repainted the torso)
  • Added 6 new Raisa sprite mouths (3 open normal, 3 open slightly happy)
  • Added bottom underwear to Raisa sprite
  • Added more clothing variation options to Raisa in the gallery sprite viewer
  • Reworked or remade several MC sprite mouths
  • Added all new characters from Act-2 into the gallery
  • Remade and streamlined pregnancy morphs and clothing on all sprites
  • Added previously unused face animations to Lucine intro scene
  • Added a darkness mask to beginning dream sequence that fades away
  • Added sprite blush fade effect to make it less jarring
  • Added flicker effect to the candle in the intro scene
  • Added movement to MC sprite picking up and setting down firewood on day 1
  • Added firewood pick up and set down sound effect to day 1
  • Added cloth sound effect for MC and Eryn picking up towels
  • Remade door closing sound effect
  • Changed gallery unlock cheat code to something even more archaic
  • Fixed glitchy timebase for background and sprite time of day fades
  • Major revision to gallery code and gallery sprites
  • Removed a metric piss ton of now unneeded gallery variables
  • Added a dev mode to speed up face and pose animations
  • Small and boring code changes to things like sprite names to stay consistent
  • Updated game engine and broke everything, then unfuckulated it all again
  • Changed ending text & stat screen to be controlled by variables instead of manual edits
  • Fixed using the name Harth in the last Eryn h-scene instead of the player name variable
  • Further optimizations from old png files to smaller lossless webp files
  • Other minor bug fixes, story changes, and added sprite animations

Download for ANDROID

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