War Robots v8.5.1 (Latest Update)

War Robots v8.5.1 (Latest Update)

Win the Great Iron War! 3D mech robot shooter in PvP mode!

War Robots Multiplayer Battles Apk info

If you like robots and want to experience passionate battles between these characters, War Robots is a good action and adventure game where you’ve got to make competitive teams of robots to conquer your opponents in online battles.

Game Features : 

Choose your fighter. Over 50 robots with unique designs and powers let you find a style to call your own.

Play how you want. Want to crush and destroy? To save and protect? Or just annoy the hell out of your enemies? You can do it all with the massive selection of weapons, including ballistic missiles, plasma cannons, and giant shotguns!

Customize. Each robot can be fitted with weapons and modules of your choice. Find your favorite combo and show everyone what you’ve got!

Battle together in multiplayer. Team up with other people! Join a powerful clan to find trusty partners (and friends!), or even start your own!

Battle on your own. Prefer playing solo? Lone wolves can express themselves in special modes like Arenёa or Free-for-All!

Explore the lore. The War Robots world grows and expands with every update, and the ever-growing community is always ready to help you.

One of the things that makes War Robots very interesting is the large number of available weapons. Not only can you unlock more than 45 robots, but you also have to go about acquiring a new arsenal of attack to reduce the enemy forces. Specifically, there are more than 50 missiles, pistols, or plasma cannons available.

The graphics are another attraction, as you can experience the exciting fights in 3D. Like this you simply have to tap the screen to select the attacks and the robot you want to carry them out. Plus you can create your own clan to be indestructible.

War Robots is a game that promises action in every round. Create a good team of robots, boost their powers, and equip them with the best weapons. Only like that can you become a leader in this universe.

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– CUSTOMIZABLE UI. Move the Battle HUD buttons wherever you want
– EVENT: EVOLIFE BLOOM. Fresh air at last!
– NEW TITAN: HEIMDALL. Support or Supress? You decide!
– NEW TITAN LASERS: DAZZLER & LANTERN. Blind enemies and their aiming systems
– NEW DRONE: WHITEOUT. EMP-ify everyone around!
– BALANCE UPDATE. Details: wr.app/notes79
– Bug fixes
– Check the full notes at warrobots.com

MOD Info

Large number of missiles
Note: The bullets will still be reduced, and the missiles will fire a series of

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