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Lost In Dream [v0.3 Alpha]

Lost In Dream
This game is about the MC(a high school teacher) living with a ghost girl who has a younger appearance but as same age as the MC. Player can have some “naughty” time with her and other characters too, solving mysteries, banishing ghosts, etc… There are some horror elements at the beginning, and some 4th wall breaking moments, so watch out for those. I was planned to make this game more like “teaching feeling”, but it didn’t work out, it sort of worked, but right now it’s still a kinda linear game.​

Thread Updated: 2024-05-04
Release Date: 2024-04-05
Developer: Demolukas – Patreon 
Censored: No(I hate Censored stuff)
Version: 0.3 Alpha
OS: Android(4.3+)
Language: English

(Version name: Hero?)
Again, lots of changes, so new save is still required.
Stats reworked, now increase certain amount of intimacy will also increase favorability level.
You can change your name now, and you can also change how Hanako adress you( tied to the favorability level ).
Hanako will now greet to you every morning.
Script reworked, the script before has a major glitch, will cause the animation to lag the whole game, not has been fixed.
Added Android support(Your android device must support webm file which means only support 4.3 and up, otherwise you will get black screen).
New location: Fight Club(Go for a walk during the day).
New girl to meet: Nora the unbeatable(and her story line).
2 more new sex scene.
Added more mysteries.
Finished the prologue story line, from now on the story will continue in the free mode.
Menu reworked.
More code optimization.
Tons of bug fixes.

Download for ANDROID

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