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D’Legacy [v0.5.0.2]

This game tells the story of a man (You / Main Character) who has just graduated after studying in Miami. However, you’re forced to return to your hometown Tokyo due to the recent passing of your father. All you have inherited is a rundown boarding house and a significant amount of debt. Can you survive in this Tokyo life, achieving your dreams, reaching the top of your career, finding love and having many sexual partners?‚Äč

Thread Updated: 2024-05-04
Release Date: 2024-04-05
Developer: Lustion Patreon
Censored: Partial (for JAV scenes)
OS: Android
Language: English

  • Added Remu’s stories.
  • Added a total of 3 scenes (1 story filler scene, 1 story sex scene, and 1 repeatable sex scene [4 stages]).
  • Added Remu’s house clothing sprite.
  • Added a total of 3 new event locations (unvisitables).
  • Added character mini-map icon features.
  • Added a new BGM & SFX.
  • Added a total of 81 new videos.
  • Added dialogues with a total count of 8,052 in the game.
  • Added words with a total count of 68,674 in the game.
  • Added characters with a total count of 385,426 in the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the Patron codes menu display.
  • Fixed an issue with some BGM.
  • Adjusted Remu’s schedule in the game.

Download for ANDROID

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