School Of Love: Clubs! [v0.1.1] (18+)

You are a high school student who didn’t have chance to choose his own club. After finding yourself in a conflict between two different clubs, you are trying to prove yourself to others, make new friends and improve your relationships. But your adventure doesn’t end there. There are a lot of mysteries waiting to be unveiled along the way.​

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Thread Updated: 2021-01-06
Release Date: 2021-01-04
Developer: NijuKozo – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

14 New levels added to the game:
4 New levels added to the Main Story.
3 New levels added to Jina’s Story.
2 New levels added to Hana’s Story.
1 New level added to Katie’s Story.
1 New level added to Irina’s Story.
1 New level added to Elena’s Story.
2 New levels added to Natalie’s Story.

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11 New tasks added to Coyote Club:
You can level the Coyote Club now. To do that, you need to click on the whiteboard in Coyote Club at noon and do tasks with other members.
3 New club tasks with Elena.
3 New club tasks with Teresa.
2 New club tasks with Katie.
2 New club tasks with Irina.
1 New club task with Sue.

20 New spend time options added to the game (Some of them are like mini-events, don’t forget to check them.):
5 New spend times with Hana.
2 New spend times with Irina.
2 New spend times with Katie.
3 New spend times with Mia.
3 New spend times with Jina.
3 New spend times with Natalie.
2 New spend times with Teresa.

Now you’ll have access to Hawk Club if you level Natalie. You can spend time with Natalie and Jina there.

We made some changes to the Prologue:
There’s more information about what’s going on.
Prologue scene 2 and 4 changed for better understanding.

2 New characters are added to the game:
Cindy and Stella

3 New maps are added to the game:
Mall, Beach and Lake

Gallery added to the game, you can access it in the game menu.
We added Secret Stash to the game, there are 9 different secret cards you can find around. After some events, if you check the “!” on your info screen, you’ll see some hints there.
Quick Navigation is added to the game, also you can see where the girls are too. It’s available for School and Home.
Navigation arrows are different now, they are still there but easier to control.
Laptop screen added.
Inventory system added to the game with a shop, you can mine sCoins on your laptop or you can collect Seashells, Flowers, Cranberries and sell them to Cindy to make some sCoins.
Cheat codes are added to the game.
Clickable objects are added to the game.
Now you can play the game on Android too.
There’s a beautiful quit screen now.