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Last Human [v0.6b]

Last Human

Bound for the Starship Aurora in orbit around your dying world, you meet two Nekos who accidentally travel through an experimental wormhole to join you.
The earth has become a desolate and brutally cold place. All of the human race has died off. But you were saved because of your father, a scientist and inventor who designed the base you live in and helped you on the path to getting off the planet and aboard the waiting starship Aurora. Beyond that, the universe holds many adventures, dangers, and new worlds to discover. Your first mission… Getting these Nekos back to Pantheria. But on arrival, you find yourself being forced to fight another very familiar and very powerful Neko.
Last Human is a story I started to write quite a few years ago. I started this project some time ago with another dev (Nope), but never got it off the ground. I took over the project, scrapped everything we had done and began again. My vision is simple: a science fiction fantasy with Nekos and some lewd fun mixed in with the usual comedy, romance, drama, and fun. This is not just a ‘fuck’ game; this is a series; a story (with some sex thrown in). The love interests will be a ‘harem’ and also your crew aboard the Aurora. Think “Star Trek” for adults.

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Thread Updated: 2024-05-19
Release Date: 2024-05-19
Developer: N2TheFire – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.6b
OS: Android
Language: English

A little surprise to end this weekend. I decided to re-release episode 3 with the following updates:

  • New intro video (N2TheFire Games logo)
  • Improved Menu Screen animation
  • Fixed missing images in episode 1 when they are in the space station heading to the Aurora
  • Added episode start images for episodes 2 and 3 (both animated)
  • Changed ending of episode 3 (removed the ‘Lili’ stuff)

I also corrected a few more misspellings/grammar issues. You’ll of course need to start a new game to see the changes (unless you have a save before or around the time of the rocket launch from earth in episode 1). If you start a new game, you can skip ahead until you see the rocket launch stuff.
The scene with Lili moving over to Last Human has been removed. After hearing feedback (and thinking about it myself), it didn’t make sense to move her at this time. In fact, I think she will remain a permanent Serenity side character. As much as I wanted to reduce the number of characters in Serenity, some of you felt like she was where she belonged. Plus, she has shown love for MC, and he in return. Besides, Lili still has a major role to play in Serenity chapter 2 going into the ‘endgame’ scenes. She will join Rin, Lena, Jasmine, Morgan, Trixy, and Kat in the harem and become a main love interest. So, yeah… in my effort to reduce the number of love interests, I did that only to end up adding one, haha!
As for Last Human, episode 3 now ends in a way that will match with the main plot that continues in episode 4 (currently in development). Please enjoy… Love you all, …Fire

Download for ANDROID

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