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Journey for the Forgotten Power [v0.0.2]

Journey for the Forgotten Power

Haru (you can change the name) is born in a world where magic, demons, and technology exist, but unfortunately he was born without magic despite his late parents and grandparents all being known as a very powerful magic user, and because of that he left his hometown and chose to live alone. Now 7 years later he finally returned to his hometown again because his grandfather who is the only one left from his family had passed away. But when he arrived he learned the truth that he actually could use magic, but her grandfather sealed away his magic and changed his memory.

Why did his grandfather do that to him? Is there anymore secret that Haru didn’t know? And will Haru want to get his magic back, and even if he did want to, can he really do it?
Well, that’s up to you who will be playing as him to decide and see by yourself how it will go. In this story, you will go on a journey to get all your magic back, and while doing that you will discover many secrets and truths about people around you and also the world itself. So yes, you will have a relationship and have harem with the girls, but you will also face so many plot twists that you’ll never expect in the story.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-09
Release Date: 2024-03-25
Developer: DarkDream – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.2
OS: Android
Language: English

– Add two Hana’s Character Story
– Add two Ayaka’s Character Story
– Add two Yuna’s Character Story
– Chapter one completed.
– Add “Heavy Attack”
– Add Endings F, N, M, P
– In total add 8.000++ words
– Change and fix some minor stuff.

Download for ANDROID

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