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Breaking the Princess [v0.33]


Breaking the Princess

The story is that the titular princess was assigned to take charge of a remote mining town beset by constant monster attacks. She fires the main character, Hugar, from his position as a local leader for his insubordination when he points out how shit she is at running the place. Eventually she’s forced to accept that he’s the only one who could maybe save her from being forced to flee back to the capitol in disgrace (as her political enemies intended when they maneuvered for her to be given the assignment), and agrees to his terms of letting him run the place and rewarding good management with sexual favors.
(Formally Know As)

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Thread Updated: 2024-05-19
Release Date: 2024-03-11
Developer: Pyorgara Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.33
OS: Android
Language: English

– Added the Harmony town and punishment scenes for Beast pen, Workshop, Fighting pit and Church. (A total of 48 scenes)
– Added next Felicity scenes.
– Added beast pen BG.

Download for ANDROID

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