Filter Caller v2.61 APK

Let you be isolated from the world. (No ads)
Title: Filter Caller
Genre: Communication
Developer: MAUTOIN

Welcome to use Filter Caller

It can block off advertising, marketing, market research, scams, pranks, all unknown caller and your mother or boss… except for the phone number that exists in your mobile phone contacts. This app can be convenient to record, query, and mark blocked caller name.

* Features
Small, power-saving, no ads.

* Precautions
(1) This is not a blacklist app. You do not need to do anything. It is just an automatically block off all unknown callers are not in your mobile phone contacts.
(2) If your mobile phone has the optimized memory app or service, then our “Filter Caller” app may not work properly. Please first set our “Filter Caller” app to exclusion list in it.


We are welcome that the businesses, studios, and private web sites to provide phone number search services to us. We will merge these URLS in this APP for the APP users to choose from.

You can provide data to [email protected]

* Please indicate the URL service area or country/region and do not provide an unauthorized URL.

Thank you very much!





2.60 * Fixed a huge error, please update it as soon as possible.
2.59 * Artı Türk dili (add Turkish)
and fixed some events
2.58 * 添加简体中文 (add Simplified Chinese)
and modify some events
2.57 * Aggiungi Italiano (add Italian)
and modify some events
2.56 Fixed Permission prompt for Android 6+


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