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FFUpdater v79.2.0

FFUpdater v79.2.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: FFUpdater: Updater for privacy friendly browser.


Installs and updates the following browsers:

Browsers from Mozilla or based on Firefox:

● Fennec F-Droid
● Firefox Browser, Firefox for Android Beta, Firefox Nightly (GitHub Repository)
● Firefox Focus, Firefox Focus Beta, Firefox Klar (GitHub Repository)
● Mull Browser (GitLab Repository)
● Iceraven
● Tor Browser, Tor Browser Alpha

Good privacy browsers:

● Mulch , Mulch System WebView

Browser which are better than Google Chrome:

● Brave Private Browser, Brave Browser (Beta), Brave Browser (Nightly) (GitHub Repository)
● Cromite
● Chromium
● DuckDuckGo Browser
● Kiwi Browser Next (Incomplete Source Code)
● Vivaldi (Incomplete Source Code)
● Thorium

Other applications:

● FairEmail
● K-9 Mail / Thunderbird Android
● Orbot

FFUpdater checks for updates in the background and downloads them as well. Apps can be updated without user interaction with:

● Android 12 or higher
● rooted smartphone
● Shizuku / Sui with Android 6 or higher

By clicking on the “i”-Icon, you can see the time of the last successful background update check.
Firefox Nightly: Replace the minutes with ‘xx’ because FFUpdater can only access the start time of the build and not the version name of the app update (finish time). The builds always starts at 5:00 and 17:00 and usually takes a few minutes.
Please reopen FFUpdater after moving it to the internal/external storage.

FFUpdater checks for updates in the background and downloads them as well. On Android 12+ or root devices, FFUpdater can also update the apps without user interaction.

Visit for more information.

Changelogs: … changelogs

What’s New:
● Thanks for the Weblate contributions from: Scrambled777, Bahaa Zidan, minh, Oğuz Ersen, gallegonovato, winver, Raymond Nee, v1s7, Giovanni Donisi, Priit Jõerüüt, 109247019824, Kazushi Hayama, atilluF and MkQtS
● fix download url for Firefox Nightly (#579, thanks monstorix)
● fix bug: Download correct app if the second update notification is clicked. (#565)
● fix bug: If you click on a update notification, FFUpdater will update the correct app and not the app from the first notification
● try to fix update loop (#576)
● fix not working automatic APK deletion (#569)
● add button to retry a failed installation
● inform users that Kiwi Browser is not truly open source (#554)
● fix tests, fix bugs, refactor code

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