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Bobby’s Memoirs of Depravity [v0.15.49]

Bobby’s Memoirs of Depravity

This mod will take the assets and code from the current game and,
I will update and fix the code and add new content to improve existing scenes and stories.
This Mod is standalone and does not need the original game, Bad Bobby Saga.​

Thread Updated: 2024-05-14
Release Date: 2024-05-14
Developer: ZipTieFun
Censored: No
Version: 0.15.49
OS: Android
Language: English

In this version:

  • Lucy and Julia Night Club scene
  • Night Club events (Fight / dealing with drunk women) not fully finished
  • Lucy and Julia Bedroom scenes.
  • Lucy undress scenes
  • Lucy workout scenes
  • Mom and Evelyn going out scenes
  • Mom in the kitchen scenes with Bobby
  • Mom talking to Bobby in the moring scenes in his room
  • Other some things here and there….

Technical Changes:

  • Improved renders with better lighting
  • Removed old code
  • Added more music for scenes
  • Changes to the UI

There is still a lot for content to go…

  • Expanding the content with Mom and Bobby around the house.
  • Adding more scenes with Evelyn
  • Workout scenes with Lucy and Bobby
  • Add back in the content from the Nightclub with both the drunk girls and also Lucy and Julia.
  • Pool scenes with Julia and Evelyn.
  • Replace the story tracking with a newer version and make it dynamic so scenes will trigger after a set time if forgot etc.

Download for ANDROID