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Fetish Locator: S&M Studio [v0.3.15]

Fetish Locator: S&M Studio
Join the new adventures of the fan-favorite Stacy now! Fetish Locator: S&M Studio
Spinoff- Fetish Locator​

Thread Updated: 2024-05-03
Release Date: 2024-03-13
Developer: ViNovella Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.15
OS: Android
Language: English

14 new scenes
2 new locations
1 new Faction with a new Job and story
New Minigame
5 new story characters
New quality-of-life features
New objects and interactions for sandbox
2 new sex scenes (Stacy-in-shower and Kanya)

Download for ANDROID

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