Autoroid – Android Automation Device Settings v1.6.2.8 [Paid] APK Download

Autoroid – Android Automation Device Settings v1.6.2.8 [Paid]

Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: An app that automatically sets the user to the environment you set through the app launch and shutdown events.

You can also change the settings of the phone depending on the time with the scheduling function.

** main function
– Time setting function with scheduling notification setting
– Ability to change the settings to the environment that the user set by monitoring the execution of the application
– WiFi and BT connection settings
– Screen Brightness, Rotation Direction, Auto Screen Off Time Setting
– Sound size, sound mode can be set
– Automatic termination and retention of other app conversions during app launch

* When do you use it?
– You can prevent Wi-Fi from wasting your mobile data by automatically turning on Wi-Fi when you run the YouTube app.
– When you run Navigation, you can automatically make the screen brighter and sound louder.
– You can also set the sound to be smaller automatically when you play the game.
– You can set it to landscape mode automatically when you launch a specific app.
– You can also set Bluetooth to turn on automatically when you run music app.
– It is possible to switch to silent mode automatically at work time.

This is the app that will change the settings of the phone that you set when the set app runs.

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