WiFi Analyzer: Network Scanner & Diagnostic Tool v1.2.3+f4fc84b [Pro] APK [Latest]

WiFi Analyzer: Network Scanner

WiFi Analyzer: Network Scanner & Diagnostic Tool

Wi-Fi Analyzer will provide you with a detailed analysis of your home network including a built-in signal strength meter with audible alerts and a graphic illustration of all Wi-Fi and their channels, along with network and cell information.

Download Wi-Fi Analyzer right now and gain a reliable tool to evaluate your home network!

Wi-Fi Analyzer provides you with:

Wi-Fi information
Wi-Fi Analyzer will tell you all the information you need to know about your Wi-Fi Connection. SSID, BSSID, IP address, subnet mask, and vendor.
Cell Information
All your cell information in one place – your provider and country, IP address, MCC and MNC, and VoIP support.

Discover a fast and reliable way to
detect all network devices and gain insight into their IP address and vendor name. See NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour) and DNS name where available and test the pingability of discovered devices easily.

Easily test the reachability of a host and server availability. Provides round trip delay including IP address and hostname for every network node, as well as geolocation data.
Diagnose your network – trace the route and measure the delay of packets across the network. Network Analyzer will give you a traceroute visualization.
Port Scanner
Scan the most common ports or specific port ranges quickly and effectively. Network Analyzer will detect closed, firewalled, and open ports.
DNS Lookup
Similar to DNS Lookup or dig.
Whois of domains and IP addresses. Lookup information about any domain.

A unique feature of Wi-Fi Analyzer is the ability to :
– Evaluate the strength of the Wi-Fi deeply and in detail
– Detect channels
– Show you a clear graphic representation of the channels in use and their strength.
There’s also a built-in signal strength meter with the audible alert so you can wander around the house and find all the black spots with weak wifi. You can use this tool to extend the range of your Wi-Fi or know where to move the router to get the best signal propagation.

What’s New
* Bug fixes

Download: Pro features unlocked

WiFi Analyzer: Network Scanner & Diagnostic Tool v1.2.3+f4fc84b [Pro] APK / Mirror

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