VoiceTimeSignal Pro for Galaxy v5.0.7 APK [Latest]

VoiceTimeSignal Pro for Galaxy

VoiceTimeSignal Pro for Galaxy

VoiceTimeSignal Pro’ tells the time signal with voice.
The app can also play a specified sound as time signal instead of the voice.
If you have set the number of times to sound as same as the hours, the app can play the time signal sound like a cuckoo clock or a wall clock.

The basic feature is same as the free version of VoiceTimeSignal.

[Difference with the free version]

The Pro version is different with the free version as follows.
1. Sounds have been added.
2. Signals at specified minutes every hour by ‘Minute Time Signal’.
3. ‘Variety’,’Battery level’,and ‘Battery level+’ have been added on ‘Representation of the ending’. (After speak the time, the app speaks variety words, or battery level.)
4. Kitchen timer feature has been added.(The app notifies with voice or specified sound after the specified time elapsed.)
5. The number of alarm has been extended to 30.
6. The number of schedules has been extended to 30.
7. As an alarm sound, you can set ringtones of the device including music data in SD card.
8. ‘Specify silent mode volume’ option has been added.
9. ‘Automatic alarm stop’ option has been added to prevent keep ringing the alarm until the battery gets empty.
10. The feature which alarms go to snooze by device shaking has been added.
11. AppWidgets support for ‘Voice time signal’, ‘Speak time at screen on’, ‘Speak time by media button’, ‘Speak time by device shaking’, ‘Alarm’ No.1 – No.3, ‘Kitchen timer’ No1. – No.3.
12. You can change ‘Change type of time signal sound’,’Change 30 minutes sound’,’Change volume of time signal’,& ‘Change number of time signal sound’ by timer schedule.
13. Not only current time, but also ‘Month’,’Day’, and ‘Day of the week’ also can be spoken for speaking time. (Only Japanese language)
14. You can use one of ringtones in the device for Time-Signal sound.


(1) If the volume has been set, other media player volume will also be changed.
(2) The voice is basically Japanese. If the locale is not Japanese, the voice will be English partially.
(3) When the CPU is busy, the voice/sound might be interrupted.
(4) If the screen lock security of the device is on, the security lock screen will be appeared when the screen was off at the specified alarm time. So back/menu/volumes keys of the device don’t work for snooze feature on the security lock screen.
(5) The service of app might be stopped by insufficient resources, or by battery saving setting of the device. In this case, time signals will be delay, or not play the sound.
(6) Some Android 5.x devices seem to have a bug that the triggers of timer are delayed. Please check your device on free version at first.
[Special thanks]
※Voice material have been supported by Ms.Amitaro.[http://www14.big.or.jp/~amiami/happy/]
※Other sound material have been supported by Mr.On-jin.[http://www.yen-soft.com/ssse/]

What’s New

Ver 5.0.7
●Improved that there was possibility of the alarm sound not be able to be stopped, when the screen was rotated at the alarm start.


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