Unit Converter – Unit Conversion Calculator v10.73 (Pro) APK Download

Unit Converter – Unit Conversion Calculator v10.73 (Pro)
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Overview: Unit Converter app is a simple versatile and an amazing all in one Unit Conversion Calculator app which is developed keeping in mind everyday use of unit calculator in different tasks throughout the day

Unit Converter calculator is used by a student professional person engineers businessman or stay at home ladies doing home chores and cooking. Each person needs a unit conversion tool like measurement converter metric conversion temperature converter time calculator currency converter mass converter etc to convert values from one unit to another or to convert one currency into another. It is amazing when one finds an all in one conversion calculator app for their educational and working purpose. Without such a powerful unit conversion app you have to convert units manually taking a pen and paper invests in our time and still getting not the right conversions. Due to this you have to make calculations again and again which can waste your precious time. So you need a unit conversion tool to convert units in real time.

Ladies cooking in the kitchen wants kitchen calculator to convert various units of ingredients required into the one they can measure in their kitchen. Our cooking conversion calculator makes it possible. On the other hand our amazing unit converter app all in one tool is beneficial for college and university students who have to use it almost daily in mathematics measurement conversion or physics problems.

FEATURES of Unit Converter
★ Clean simple easy to use and friendly user interface.
★ All in one tool offering with multiple unit conversions.
★ Works offline and free to download and use all the features.
★ History mode for saving any conversion for future use.

★ Currency Converter with live exchange rate. Convert gbp to usd euro to usd euros to dollars pounds to dollars yen to dollar usd to rmb & a lot more.
★ Length / measurement converter (kilometer miles meter yard feet etc)
★ Area Converter (square kilometer square mile hectare acre etc)
★ Weight / Mass Converter (kilogram pound ounce ton stone etc)
★ Cooking Volume Converter (teaspoon tablespoon cup pint quart ounce etc)
★ Fuel Consumption calculator (miles per gallon liters per 100km etc)
★ Time Calculator (year month day hour second etc)
★ Speed Calculator (km/h mph knot etc)
★ Force (giganewton meganewton kilonewton newton millinewton micronewton nanonewton)
★ Power (watt kilowatt horsepower etc)
★ Pressure (Megapascal Kilopascal Pascal Bar PSI PSF Atmosphere Technical Atm mm Hg Torr)
★ Digital Storage / Data Converter (bit byte Kilobit Kilobyte Megabit megabytes Gigabit gigabytes Terabit Terabyte)
★ Temperature Converter (celsius fahrenheit kelvin etc)
★ Cooking units Converter (teaspoon tablespoon cup pint quart ounce etc)
★ Volume Converter
★ Energy
★ Data Transfer
★ Current
★ image Resolution
★ Electric Field
★ Sound
★ Velocity
★ Angle
★ Acre measurement

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Unit calculator calculator is compatible with all the android devices So you can take advantage of the unit converter calculator on any device with the support of multiple languages. We are sure that you’ll love this amazing useful and essential tool for working with values in everyday life.

Mod by LunaDev

What’s New:
– Performance Enhancement & General Issues Fixings
– Updated advanced search to find any units instantly
– Offered Instant Ads removal on purchase of Unit converter Pro
– Included Feedback Section in sidebar for Instant support

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