Unit Converter & Currency Converter Pro v1.3.0 [Paid] APK [Latest]

Unit Converter & Currency Converter Pro

Unit Converter & Currency Converter Pro

Unit converter & Currency Converter is very simple yet powerful tool, beautifully designed and easy to use application.

It has all major unit categories used in different areas of education. It also has unit conversions essential for civil engineers and currency exchange rates of about 168 countries. Apart from unit and currency converter it also has age and percentage calculator.

Yes! It is not just a unit or currency converter, you can calculate your age and can do different percentage calculations using our app. We’ve simplified the usage of app so that naive user can also use it easily.

✔ Currency Converter
✔ Unit Converter
✔ Age Calculator
✔ Percentage Calculator
✔ Future or Past Date Calculator
✔ Pin Shortcuts to Home Screen

● Currency Converter: Currency exchange rates of about 168 countries, including bit coin, are available. Maximum of 10 Currency exchange rates can be converted at time. You’ll get hourly updates for currency exchange rates and it is absolutely free. Just tap on refresh button get latest exchange rates.

● Offline Currency Converter: Currency Converter works offline too. When you are offline, It will show the last updated currency exchange rates stored on your device.

● Unit Converter: It includes major categories of unit conversions which collective have more than 1300 unit conversions. Frequently used engineering unit conversions like volume,length, weight, temperature, area, power, speed, time, data, energy, angle and pressure are available in this unit converter. We’re continuously adding more unit conversions and improving our app.

● Age Calculator: You can calculate your age (in years, months and day or in total number of days) using this age calculator & future or past date by adding years, months and days to a given date can be calculated. Age Calculate not only designed to calculate age, but also calculate date difference. For example, you can use age calculator to find age difference between your age and your partner’s age.

● Future or Past Date Calculator: It is also a very interesting feature of our app. This calculator helps you to get the answers for question like,

“What will be the date after 46 days?”
“What was the date 2 years 10 days back?”

● Percentage Calculator: This Percentage calculator provides you basic functionalities on percentage useful in daily life. For example,

“My Income is 2,50,000 ₹ What is 30 percentage(%) of my Income?”
“I want to sell 1000 ₹ item with 50 percentage(%) discount. What will be the selling price after discount?”
“I want to sell 500 ₹ item with 50 percentage(%) Profit. What should be the selling price including profit?”

Using this percentage calculator you’ll get all answers for questions like mentioned above.

Age and Percentage calculator make our app more interesting and useful.

● Pin Shortcuts to Home Screen: This feature allow you to pin pages, which you use frequently, on Home Screen. For example if you use Currency Converter page frequently, Pinning that helps you to open that page directly using pinned shortcut.


Added Standard Calculator.
Added BMI calculator.
Added Density converter.
Added few more units in Pressure converter.
Improvements and Bug Fixes.
Note: please remove favorites and pinned shortcuts and Add it again who got problem of crash.


Unit Converter & Currency Converter Pro v1.3.0 [Paid] APK / Mirror

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