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The Way Love Goes [Chapter 26]

The Way Love Goes

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It’s been over ten years since you left your home town.
At that time it wouldn’t have been an understatement if someone called you a lazy turd. Cause that’s exactly what you were.
At one point you’re parents were so fed up, they kicked your ass to the curb.
After struggeling for a long time to get both your feet on the ground,
you got a spot in a University and worked as manager for a big company for the past five years.
Not having seen your parents for a long time,
a few months ago you learned they got divorced and both left to different countries for good.
Strangely enough though, they must’ve heard of your achievements and that made them so proud,
they left you a considerable amount of money before they left.
A few weeks ago, your mom’s best friend Megan then contacted you out of the blue,
wanting to tell you why your parents divorced and inviting you over for a few weeks.
As you haven’t had seen her and her daughters in so long and because you had a little crush on her when you were young,
you agreed to come visit.
This is where your story begins.

Along your way you will meet many girls and live your day to day life with them.
Will one of them fall in love with you? Or maybe all of them? Who knows? Make your decisions wisely to achieve the best results or it could all be over soon.
You’ll learn that there’s a mystery evolving around your family name.
Will you uncover the truth or will you stay in the dark forever?

Thread Updated: 2024-04-28
Release Date: 2024-04-19
Developer: Naughty Skunk Games Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 26
OS: Android
Language: English

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