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The East Block [v0.4.1]

The East Block is a classic fish out of water tale featuring Kathryn and Luke, who are eager to make a life for themselves in the big city. Luke has a secret fetish he’s struggling to keep buried, but recent events have brought things to the surface and Kathryn may be an unknowing accomplice to his twisted desires. Will their new life be everything they dreamed of, or will it be a nightmare? Your decisions will shape the story and whether Luke stays true to the man Kathryn knows and loves or the pervert lurking deep inside.
This Visual novel features NTR content that is completely avoidable based on your choices.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-05
Developer: Bobbyboy Productions Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.1
OS: Android
Language: English


  • Chapter 4 featuring 640 new renders
  • Fixes to various small variable errors and pathing issues
  • Added a small amount of content to chapter 3
  • Improved compression to reduce file size

Download for ANDROID

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