[Substratum] Ethereal Theme (Oreo) v22.3 [Patched] APK [Latest]

[Substratum] Ethereal Theme (Oreo)

[Substratum] Ethereal Theme (Oreo) v22.3 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Ethereal is the dark version of Outline. It contains hundreds of custom vector icons and a beautiful pastel color palette. Visit the dark site and enjoy 50 perfectly darkened apps. Ethereal is truly “Out of this world!”

• Android: Oreo (Stock or custom ROM)
• Display Density: xhdpi or higher
• Theme System: Substratum
• Gapps: Theme Ready Gapps are suggested, but not mandatory

Themed Apps (https://goo.gl/2ZvIGT , ~50)
• 20 Third Party Apps
• 22 Google Apps
• 10 System Apps

• Background: default or pitch black
• App Colors: Choose between 5 different pastel colors

Some Overlays (especially Overlays for Stock Google Apps and Whatsapp) might only work with specific versions of those apps. I usually try to have the Overlay work with the latest non Beta versions of those apps. Please make sure you have installed the latest version before reporting bugs.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. In specific circumstances overlays may cause bootloops or app force closes.

• Google Photos – 4.0
• WhatsApp – 2.18.277
• Google Calendar – 5.8.48
• Instagram – 62.0

• Digital Wellbeing
• Softkeys
• YouTube
• Framework
• GMail
• Google Calendar
• Play Console
• YouTube Music
• Substratum
• Settings


[Substratum] Ethereal Theme (Oreo) v22.3 [Patched] APK / Mirror

[Substratum] Ethereal Theme (Oreo) v22 [Patched] APK / Mirror