Stranded Dick [v0.12]

After graduating from high school, you and your classmates rent a yacht to celebrate your last summer together.
During one night, an accident occur and the yacht start caching fire and, even thought you try to extinguish it, you end up jumping into the rough sea.
Not knowing how, you end up in an uninhabited island, or at least is what you think. Now you will have to try to stay alive while you search for other survivors and figure out how you’ll be rescued. Will you be able to survive during this adventure? And more important, Will you be able to seduce all the women around? Is up to you…

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Thread Updated: 2022-12-28
Release Date: 2022-12-24
Developer: Sex n’ Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

This new version is the biggest I’ve done so far with more than 800 new images and 8 new videos. Also, I have worked on 3 new scenarios that will be available on the island
Additionally, the bonus mini-quest to find the lost Idols features 6 new unlockable images.

Some highlights of this version:

– 825 new renders/images

– 8 New Video Scenes!

– 3 new Scenarios!

– New inventory objects

– Missions updates!

– 6 new unlockable images (idols mini-quest)


ramas=… (branches)
rocas=… (rocks for the fire)
latas=… (canned food)
npc1_mood=… (mood of the woman)
arandanos=… (blueberries)
energy=1000 (speaks for itself. 100% = 1000, not 100)
higos=… (figs)
banana=… (speaks for itself)
soda=… (soda cans)


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