Stamurai: Stuttering Therapy v7.4.35 [Pro]

Stamurai: Stuttering Therapy v7.4.35 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Do you have a low self esteem because of your stutter? Are you struggling with this very real speech disorder? Will you like to get professional stammering treatment?

Stamurai is the number one stuttering treatment app designed to help you regain your confidence by following a customized daily speech practice regimen anytime from anywhere. Learn to speak fluently!

First ever Speech Therapy App – Stamurai
Stamurai is a speech therapy app built to help people who stutter / stammer learn and practice speech therapy. Through constant practice and application of speech exercises outlined in the app, the stutterer can hope to achieve near perfect fluency and get relief from the daily struggles and suffering that accompany this order.

Stuttering Therapy Tutorials for You
The app contains detailed tutorials for 20+ speech therapy exercises. These enable an in-depth understanding of the techniques. Some of the techniques included are – Pull Outs, Preparatory Sets, Light Contacts, Pausing, Easy Onset, Slides, Flexible Rate, Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Cancellations.

Stammering Therapy Exercises
Apart from these techniques, the app has speech therapy exercises like

1. Reading Practice: read aloud content, record your voice and play it back
2. Meditations for Stuttering: relax and develop awareness of your speech mechanism
3. Breathing Exercises: get better control over your breath while speaking
4. Sounds Practice: practice particular sounds instead of words
5. Speech Flow: develop awareness of your speech mechanism by answering questions

Customise Your Speech Disorder Treatment
Accompanying all these is the Feared Words section where you can add the words in which you have particular difficulty. This helps the app analyse and customise the app contents to cater especially to those particular sounds. You can also take the emotions test to evaluate your extent of speech disorder and get customized speech exercise regimen.

Daily Stammering treatment and Analytics
You should try and practice for 20-40 mins every day. A timer accompanies every screen in the app to help you monitor the time you have spent. There is a statistics section so that you can monitor your progress towards this schedule.

Exclusive Language therapy Help Section
We are people who stutter ourselves and have found these speech therapy exercises to be extremely helpful in our own journey conquering the disorder. There is a help section in the app where you can chat with us. Feel free to ping us if you need something or if you have any suggestions.

How to use Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy
1. Download and launch the stuttering therapy app
2. Answer a few questions pertaining to your speech disorder to customise therapy regimen
3. Start daily speech exercises specifically designed to treat the nature of your speech pathology
4. Learn about the stammering treatment, perform daily speech practice and learn to speak fluently

Features of Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy
1. Simple and easy language therapy app design
2. Customized stammering treatment plans based on your speech disorder
3. Follow daily speech exercise designed by experts in speech pathology
4. Take stuttering therapy daily to get rid of stammering and speak fluently
5. Overview of weekly and monthly language therapy plans designed just for you
6. Choose intensity of stammering treatment and other preferences
7. Get an estimated language therapy timeline to see the results
8. Track your speech disorder treatment progress from the app
9. Gain confidence in speaking by adopting different speech practice daily
10. Assessments to evaluate your degree of speech disorder in the app

Are you ready to reclaim your speaking confidence through stammering treatment? The new language therapy app is the best option for you. Download and use Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy today!

We wish you all the best in your journey towards becoming a Stamurai

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