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Sprite Substratum Theme

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My name is djdarkknight96 from TeamBlackOut.
I would like to introduce my very 1st Substratum themes Sprite and CodeRed!
Tested on Dirty Unicorns! DU Certified
I have been a long time CM theme developer since Android Froyo and love to make my phone look good…at least to me!
With that said I wanted to share my theme so other can enjoy. I made this for me and will continue to improve it for me to use.
Not that I don’t encourage feedback but I have a vision and want to complete it!
Sprite and Substratum together with the AWESOME developers and Themers in the community have helped me get pretty far already in a short time, I feel it’s ready to share!

-FULL CLEAR MODE “Make your own theme with your wallpaper!”
-Teal “Sprite” and Red “CodeRed” accent’s but more then just accents! See ****** for CodeRed help
-50+ Apps added almost 60 “Note some apps cannot go clear like Dialer and Contacts”
-13+ Wallpapers to match the theme
-Font Package “Risque”
-Bootanimation “Made by Mark Bencze”
-Theme Ready apps Needed…at least for now…It will work but you will see white backgrounds in some places.
-Ripple fix in settings “This is for those whop just need that ripple, it will also show a card type bg on clear.
-Wifi and Signal options without frames “Circle Solid, Circle Lines, Arc Solid and Arc Lines”
-Battery without frame and custom charger indicator
-Custom NavKeys
-Plenty of hard work and searching

Sprite works like it should!
Once enabled YOU MUST REBOOT! My theme has a lot of mods that take a reboot to work correctly!

****** Code Red is a secondary theme but will fully theme all the installed apps…how it works:
install Sprite 1st,
apply Sprite,
Install CodeRed
Apply CodeRed
Go to Overlay List in the Substratum app side menu
Select all the DUPLICATE Sprite entries with CodeRed ones unchecked
Disable Selected Overlays
Make a profile to save it…on updates with new apps you can create a new profile then delete the old.




Sprite Substratum Theme v1.225 Unreleased [Patched] APK / Mirror

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