Spring Flowers 3D Parallax Pro v1.0.4 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Spring Flowers 3D Parallax Pro

Spring Flowers 3D Parallax Pro

The beauty of nature right at your fingertips ? featuring a stunning 3D Parallax Effect!


❀ Beautiful 3D Cherry Blossoms that float to the ground if you touch them
❀ Flowers grow again after they have fallen off
❀ Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using gyroscope or accelerometer
❀ HD resolution textures, made for tablets!
❀ Lots of customizations possible:
❀ The colors of the flowers can be adjusted to your liking
❀ You can choose between 5 beautiful stock backgrounds or use your own background images
❀ The position of the background images can be adjusted
❀ Post processing effect: Depth of field (switch it on in the settings menu)
❀ Soft shadows
❀ Parallax strength and sensor type (gyroscope or accelerometer/compass) can be adjusted
❀ 100% ad-free!

Extra Features in this version:

❀ Choose between 3 different flowers!
❀ Choose between 3 different branches!
❀ Choose between two effects to be applied on the background image: Blur or Tilt-shift (fake miniature)
❀ The strength of the effect for the background image can be adjusted
❀ Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of the background image

What’s New

Bugfixes and improvements

● No Patcher/GPM Needed


Spring Flowers 3D Parallax Pro v1.0.4 [Patched] APK / Mirror