Splits in 30 Days – Splits Training, Do the Splits v1.0.14 (Premium)

Splits in 30 Days – Splits Training, Do the Splits v1.0.14 (Premium)
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: Splits Training is designed for all levels to get full splits step by step even if you are a beginner

Productive stretches for splits in 30 days are suitable for men and women adults and kids. You can customize your splits training based on your own preferences no equipment needed.

Whether you want to do a full split for dance ballet gymnastics or martial arts this training will help you get there.

Why splits?
Splits have been proven to prevent injuries increase muscle strength relieve muscle stiffness and give you better circulation.

Improve your flexibility & balance
Flexibility and balance are key to reducing the risk of injury during exercise. Splits stretch all your lower body muscles to increase your range of motion.

Loosen your hip flexors
Due to sitting at a desk all day most people have extremely tight hip flexors which can cause pain especially in your lower back. Splits open up these areas to relieve your muscle tension.

Deeply stretch your legs
When doing splits your legs will be stretching the whole time. Doctors will recommend splits as part of your exercise routine especially if you’re doing activities such as running or biking.

Boost your circulation
Splits lengthen your muscles and improve your circulation by increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Please get your muscles warmed up before doing the splits. Splits need time; your muscles need time to stretch recover and adapt to the new demands. Be patient and stick to it; you’ll soon see progress.

– Splits for all levels splits for beginners splits for men splits for women splits for kids
– Step-by-step directions on how to do the splits for all levels
– Effective formula to help achieve results fast
– Splits in 30 days splits training
– Customize your own training plan
– Easy-to-follow instruction animation and video guide
– Record your progress automatically
– Stretches for splits target all muscles you need to become super flexible

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Exercise at home with home workout splits training
No need to go to the gym home workout splits training allows you to exercise at home and get full splits step by step. Exercise at home with effective home workout splits training now and see great changes in a few weeks!

Splits at home
Do the splits at home with our splits training we’ll guide you step to step to get a full split even if you are a beginner. Do the splits at home now!

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