SMS-Call Scheduler Pro v2.5.6 [Patched]

Use SMS-Call Scheduler Pro and never forget to make important call or send important sms.

No more reminders needed, never miss birthdays, anniversaries, holiday greetings, important meetings and occasions. Simply set date and time and leave rest to your phone.

SMS-Call Scheduler

The sms would be sent automatically without any user intervention. For call, at set time, reminder would pop-up allowing you to call now, snooze, re-schedule or dismiss. Call snooze time is 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 45min or 1hr.

If ‘Show Missed Call’ Setting is turned on, missed call notification pops up to return call immediately, after a while (snooze), schedule for later or dismiss.
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1) New … Upload .CSV – User can schedule bulk sms with just one click using download template and upload .csv

2) New … Delay between SMS – Settings; User can introduce delay when trying to send many sms

3) New … Monthly repetition; ability to add multiple dates of month in same scheduled sms

4) Multi SIM support; While scheduling new sms, select ‘Manual SMS‘. At scheduled time, Messaging app is opened with populated details allowing user to select SIM as well as add any attachments. In this case, user has to send sms himself

5) Send Now; if user decides to send any already scheduled sms immediately instead of waiting for scheduled time to reach, simply press ‘send’ icon seen on row showing scheduled sms details

6) Auto call; call automatically, no need to press ‘Call Now’ on call reminder. Enable using Settings

7) Nice, simple and easy to use interface with search, select all, easy deletion of sms/call/template/group just by swiping left to right or right to left with undo capabilities

8) Automatic sending of birthday messages if phone contacts have Mobile number and Birthday Event. By default, this feature is enabled. You can turn it off through Settings. You can also modify time to send birthday sms. You can personalize birthday message by including contact name

9) Automatic setting of birthday call reminders if phone contacts have Mobile number and Birthday Event. Call time decides time of call on birthday. By default, this feature is enabled. You can turn it off through Settings

10) Choose message text from pre-installed templates. Add, edit or delete templates including pre-installed. The message text entered while scheduling, can be saved as a new template to be used for future use. Provides character count for message text

11) Enter message using speech recognition

12) Add, edit or delete your own groups which remain private to SMS-Call Scheduler

13) Recipients entered directly as number or from phone contacts. Recipients can be selected from phone contacts, phone favorites, phone groups, private groups or recently used. No constraints on number of recipients

14) Schedule sms/call once or with a repetition of minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Set repeat frequency and also specify date and time to end repetition

15) SMS/Call classified as Scheduled, History or Draft.

16) Import/Export scheduled sms/call

17) Settings -> Sync Contacts; allows you to sync your phone contacts with SMS-Call Scheduler

18) If phone is turned off, due scheduled sms/call are done as soon as phone is turned on next time.


1. Add Month view while selecting date
2. Show complete recipients’ names instead of +1, +2 etc
3. Reduce time taken to load ‘Phone Groups’ while selecting recipients
4. If scheduled time is passed, missed sms are failed to send
5. Display all possible repetition options on same screen without having to scroll through list
6. For missed call notifications, display is not kept on
7. While scheduling a new sms/call, ‘Auto sms‘ is selected as default


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