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SkyTube (YouTube Client) v2.987

SkyTube (YouTube Client) v2.987
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: A simple and functional free application for playing videos from YouTube that does not require Google Play Services to work.

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SkyTube is an alternative, free, open-source YouTube application for Android. It allows you to use YouTube comfortably without the need for Google/YouTube account and hence this app only offers read-only access to YouTube.


Innovative Features
Video blocker featuring:
Channel blacklisting
Channel whitelisting
Block videos if their language is not the same as the user’s preferred one(s)
Block low-view videos
Block high-dislike videos
Toolbar icon showing number of blocked videos
Watched or partially watched videos are marked accordingly. “Resume playing” feature also implemented
Video swipe controls, including controls for volume, brightness, comments and video description
Bookmark videos
Import subscriptions from YouTube
Play channels’ playlists
Download videos
Ability to play the video faster — or slower than live. [New!]
View and download video thumbnails
No adverts when browsing or playing videos
SponsorBlock to skip advertisement segments
Back up and restore bookmarks and subscriptions (all stored locally on your device)

Traditional Features
Explore Featured and Most Popular videos
Browse YouTube channels
Play YouTube videos
View video comments
Search videos, music and channels
Channel subscription & non-intrusive notifications
Subscriptions feed

More features will be added in the near future.

What’s New:
Fix couple of bugs around subscribing and unsubscribing
Fix crashes around comment parsing
Add USA as a locale for getting the trending videos.
Handle Youtube channel urls that starts with @
Updating to the latest NewPipeExtractor
Remove the long broken API keys
Updated translations for:
Albanian – Besnik Bleta
Arabic – thami simo
Bulgarian – Любомир Василев
Chinese (Simplified) – Nriver
Chinese (Traditional) – Jeff Huang
Czech – Fjuro, Woyta
Estonian – Priit Jõerüüt
Finnish – JiPRA
French – J. Lavoie, aleksej0R
Greek – luckris25
Hungarian – Szia Tomi
Italian – Massimo Pissarello
Korean – 이상혁
Latvian – Arta Ridere
Lithuanian – Marius Zrelskis
Norwegian Bokmål – Allan Nordhøy
Persian – parsa shirvani
Polish – Bartek200219, Michal L
Portuguese (Brazil) – Carlos Luiz, Flavio F. M, Jose Delvani, Mr. Fakezay
Portuguese – Lucas Ribeiro
Russian – Alexey Amanov
Sinhala – DuninduH, HelaBasa Group, KGdr8
Ukrainian – Ihor Hordiichuk
Vietnamese – Fiezt Marshall, Tấn Lực Trương

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More Info:

Download Instructions:
Fully Open Source – does not support official YouTube player or Chromecast

Mirrors: … -2.988.apk

Extra (Supports above features)

Mirrors: … -2.988.apk

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