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SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner v0.24.0-beta0 [FOSS] [Mod]

SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner v0.24.0-beta0 [FOSS] [Mod]
Requirements: 8.0+
Overview: SD Maid 2/SE is Android’s most thorough cleaning tool.

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SD Maid SE is trusty maid for your Android, to keep it clean & tidy.

Nobody is perfect and neither is Android.
* Apps you have already removed leave something behind.
* Logs, crash reports and other files you don’t really want are constantly being created.
* Your storage is collecting files and directories you don’t recognize.

Let’s not go on here… Let SD Maid SE help you:

* Clean up data from already uninstalled apps
* Find hidden app caches
* Remove superfluous system files

Some features required a paid upgrade.

SD Maid SE is the successor to SD Maid.
Optimized for newer Android versions and focused on a cleaning up.

SD Maid SE has optional features that utilize the AccessibilityService API to automate tedious actions.
Using the AccessibilityService API, SD Maid SE can click buttons for you to perform operations on multible apps, e.g. deleting caches.
SD Maid SE does not use the AccessibilityService API to collect information.

Foss releases are not playstore releases, this mod is based on github releases.


★★★ MOD by Sirenes Team ★★★

● Activated Pro
● Added translation into ru, uk
● Unnecessary items hidden
● Removed redundant graphics
● Brought the switches in the ‘Schedule’ to a general view
● Slightly changed colors in the design
● Cleaning animation changed

Starting from 0.10.8-beta1 version of Material You for Android 12+ added by the author himself (Enabled in settings)

What’s New:
● Exclusions: Improve filter performance by keeping exclusion data loaded by @d4rken in #1121
● Core IO: Improve performance and fix memory issues when reading large folders with root or shizuku by @d4rken in #1127
● AppControl: Support for force stopping apps by @d4rken in #1130
● Automation: Allow going directly to setup from the ACS unavailable error dialog by @d4rken in #1132
● Automation: Support translated texts for accessibility step labels by @d4rken in #1134
● UI: Larger minimum column size by @d4rken in #1143
● Implement release party screen by @d4rken in #1145
● Google Play: Update billing library by @d4rken in #1147
● Google Play: Add a review prompt by @d4rken in #1146
● Debug: Explicitly record update history in debug logs. by @d4rken in #1150
● Automation: Better return behaviour after accessibility operations by @d4rken in #1156
● Debug: Log cached labels for context-aware strings by @d4rken in #1157

Bug fixes
● Setup: Fix accessibility setup not opening the settings on Android TV by @d4rken in #1131
● Automation: Fix accessibility service unavailable error even though it could be self-launched by @d4rken in #1133
● Exclusions: Fix internally mixing up user exclusions and default exclusions by @d4rken in #1139
● AppCleaner: Fix ACS label lookup on OPPO and Android TV devices by @d4rken in #1144
● IO: Fix WriteException when trying to delete files that don’t exist by @d4rken in #1149
● Automation: Improve reliability one Android 14 devices (OnePlus & Redmi) by @d4rken in #1152
● Fix crash on non-pro versions when checking review state by @d4rken in #1155
● AppCleaner: Fix Shizuku not being used to clear caches in some cases by @d4rken in #1158

Other changes
● Update translations by @d4rken in #1137
● Update translations by @d4rken in #1159

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