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Outland Wanderer [v0.0.24]

Outland Wanderer

Player is an outsider stumbling upon the continent of Mokken.
In his attempt to travel back to his own Tribe, he bonds and form different relationship with the locals,
tackles on unknown forces, and discovers his own destiny.​

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Thread Updated: 2024-05-23
Release Date: 2024-05-19
Developer: Outland Wanderer Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.24
OS: Android
Language: English

**Update Log:**
**Main Content:**
– Otsovaara: The Bear Tribe in the North, is now open for the wanderer, the bears can be encountered, and new dialogues are unlocked.
– New Shop: Visit the bear shop, run by the eccentric Rhino shopkeeper – Methis.
– New Introduction: The first portion of the bear tribe has been rewritten, characters are renamed, with choices that leads to a different outcome. Please revisit this portion if you have played the older version.

**New CG Scenes:**
– Winning against Bears: The bear guards aren’t known to lose in a battle, but perhaps they are more akin to getting warmth from some intimate contact.
– Losing to Bears: You may learn a thing or two engaging in a losing battle with the snow warrior, depending if you are obedient or naughty towards him.
– Losing to Werewolf Duo: The werewolf duo are excellent predators when an unfortunate prey fall victim, but as the saying goes, double the werewolf, double the fun!

**QoL Updates and Other Fixes:**
– Different Maps can be directly accessed in the Map Menu now, including the new Plain Map and Snow Map.
– New Materials to be collected around the bear tribe, including Idol of Virtue, an accessory for Flirt Build user who wish to defeat monsters immune to lust damage.
– Redrawn King’s Pawn, and Rahim’s House background.
– New background Interactions and items to be collected around Lusterfield, Ardent Cauldron (Goat Shop), and the new Bear Tribe.
– Quest Prerequisite updated, Snow region can now be discovered without completing Jog’s Plum Quest and Pirkka’s Introduction.
– Reconciliation can now be completed even if you have missed the voting day.
– New Sprite for Kaurhu, the Bear Chief (Formerly Kauhu).
– Fixed weird movement in moving sprites in Dungeons
– Duplicate recipes are now removed from the crafting screen.
– Added some hints to various secrets and puzzles

Download for ANDROID

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