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nzb360 – Sonarr / Radarr / SAB 17.1.1 b424 (Pro) APK

APK Specifications
Requires Android 8.0+
Developer Kevin Foreman
Category Tools Apps
Version 17.1.1 b424 (Pro)
Size 20.0 MB
Added Date January 06, 2024
Ratings 4.7

APK Screenshots

APK Description

Made by Developer Kevin Foreman which requires 8.0+ with the Ratings of 4.7 and contains 20.0 MB.

APK Whats New

This app has no advertisements

– Backdrop fanart has been added to Radarr’s list item views to make it more consistent with Sonarr/Lidarr.
– Tapping on an upcoming/missing episode in Sonarr now directly enters that season and highlights that specific episode.
– Tapping on a missing album in Lidarr now directly enters that album view.
– The disc icon in Radarr list items have been replaced with a streaming icon, which indicates that movie is available for streaming.
– and much. much more!

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History of nzb360 – Sonarr / Radarr / SAB APK

  • v17.1.1 b423 (Pro)
  • v17.1.1 (Pro)
  • v17.1 (Pro)
  • v17 (Pro)
  • v16.6.2 (Pro)