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New Year’s Day(e) [Ch. 4 v0.4.1]

New Year’s Day(e) is the continuing story of a single father (MC) and his stepdaughters,
Evelynne (Eve) and Dayton (Daye) and their friends Becky and Kaylee.
This is the sequel to the story “Christmas Eve”. If you haven’t read that,
I encourage you to read it first, but it’s not absolutely necessary in order to enjoy this story.
This is a love story of acceptance, coming of age,
and healing as the MC’s family and friends continue to come to terms with their developing
feelings for each other and their grief felt for the MC’s late wife, Heather.

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Thread Updated: 2024-04-27
Release Date: 2024-04-26
Developer: Jonesy – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 4 – 0.4.1
OS: Android
Language: English

We finally get to see what happened after that really rough ending of chapter 3.
I’m sure Daye, Eve, Randall and the rest of gang can figure something out.
Anyway, I hope you have fun. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how you liked it!
Sorry for the big file size. Just know that it’s packed with lots of good stuff.
Also, guess who learned how to port their games to Android? That’s right! Now, did I do a good job compressing the images? That’s up for debate.
By the way, did you notice any tags missing from this game’s description? That’s right. No more “Kinetic Novel” for me. There’s choices to make…starting in chapter 2.
As always, thank you for your continued interest in my stories.

Download for ANDROID

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