My Tuition Academia [v0.9.2b] (18+)

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My Tuition Academia is a life simulator game where you take control of a female brunette protagonist. You’re tasked with the goal of earning as much money as you can while balancing the day-to-day of college. It’s a perverted world

Thread Updated: 2022-01-31
Release Date: 2022-01-30
Developer: TwistedScarlett – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.2b
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English


  • Added a cheat menu to the true ending so you can change names and mess around with parameters.
  • Fixed a bug with the Massage Parlour which prevented the True End from starting.
  • Breaking up with ‘Crush’ is no longer permanent, and it no longer renames him ‘Friend’.


  • Purchasing Study Books with 50+ smarts no longer resets it to 1!
  • Your boyfriend now reacts to your pregnancy if you visit him at the Male Dorms.
  • Purchasing ‘Get Rich Quick’ Magazine no longer increases your sexual desire instead of shame past 50.
  • If you somehow don’t have the barmaid outfit while unlocking the park, MC will mention that she borrowed the outfit.
  • You can now buy condoms if Taco is pregnant but doesn’t know she is.
  • Made the breathing animation 20% more subtle.
  • Added thrusting noises to the strip club Paizuri scene.
  • Tried to fix the rare case of your money going into insane decimal places. Your money now rounds itself every time you gain some.
  • Straightened the text in the main menu.
  • Fixed two instances of moaning not being on the ‘voice’ soundtrack.
  • Fixed 200 typos!


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