Metronome M1 v3.8.1 [Ad Free] Apk [Latest]

Metronome M1

Metronome M1 v3.8.1 [Ad Free] Apk [Latest]

Metronome M1 is a simple and extremely accurate metronome for mobile devices. Metronome M1 comes with only the most essential features anyone will need from a metronome. The simple and clean user interface of Metronome M1 lets you get to practicing your instrument immediately without having to spend any time exploring the app.

Metronome M1 produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) — settable in BPM (beats per minute). These beats represent a fixed, regular aural pulse and is an indispensable tool for every musician for practicing. Along with the beat, Metronome M1 also shows a visual indication of the counts as animated bars. Metronome M1 supports a wide tempo range between 30-300 BPM, ranging from Grave to Prestissimo covering all popular styles including Lento, Largo, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, Vivace and Presto. The “Tap Tempo” feature lets you quickly set your desired tempo with the ease of tapping a button.

Metronome M1 supports the following common Time Signatures.

Simple time signatures :
– 2/4 (duple): Commonly used for polkas or marches.
– 3/4 (triple): Used widely for waltzes, minuets, scherzi, country & western ballads, R&B. Also occasionally used in pop.
– 4/4 (quadruple): Also known as common time, this is used widely in most forms of Western popular music. It is also the most common time signature in rock, blues, country, funk, and pop. Most students start practicing with this time signature.

Compound time signatures :
– 6/8 (duple): This compound time signature is used in double jigs, polkas, sega, salegy, tarantella, marches, barcarolles, Irish jigs, loures, and some rock music.
– 9/8 (triple): Also known as compound triple time, this is used in triple jigs.
– 12/8 (quadruple): Commonly used in slower blues (where it is called a shuffle) and doo-wop; also used more recently in rock music.

Metronome M1 also supports many other possible time signatures.
Now you no longer have to give an excuse for practicing without a metronome as you can have the free Metronome M1 app on your mobile device all the time. Make metronome your best friend and always practice with it. Moreover, practicing with metronome is proven to improve your aural skills. So, download Metronome M1 for free today! Metronome M1 also contains other features including subdivisions, option to configure beat tone and option to increase tempo progressively during practice.

What’s New

New Features in Metronome M1 :
– Added support for additional time signatures
– Subdivisions: The ability to subdivide the beat into sub-beats (supports duple, triple and quadruple    subdivisions)
– Increasing Tempo: An option to increase the tempo by a fixed number of BPMs after fixed number of  bars. (for interruption-free long practice sessions)
– Ability to change the tone of the beats (supports sine, sawtooth or a square wave based beat)
– Option to disable the accent on the first beat


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