Mentorist – Skills From Book v5.6.0 [Pro]

Mentorist – Skills From Book v5.6.0 [Pro]
Requirements: 7.1 and up
Overview: Self-help books are often complex and summaries do not capture enough details or depth

== Why Mentorist will get you to the next level ==

Detailed book summaries
They will give you the aha! moment and help you understand the main concepts described in the books.

Step-by-step actions
ing without taking action is a waste of time. The app guides you on the path to a better you by giving instructions that help you achieve your goals. All advice is 100% based on the best self-help books.

ing about taking action and actually taking action are two different things. In the app you can verify your progress and learn if you are following the right strategies and principles to acquire new habits.

Earn badges stars and jump to higher levels
You will earn rewards each time you achieve a milestone. Personal growth is a process; it won’t happen overnight. Therefore the app will help ensure that you are consistent with your daily growth.

Investing in your own personal growth and professional development will be the best decision you will ever make. It will help you achieve what you really desire in life.

Here are a few things that Mentorist can help you with:
Leadership skills – Find the leader within yourself and build your foundational leadership skills.
Personal productivity – Learn how to do more in less time.
Self-esteem and confidence – Discover how to change your inner dialogue and you will change the way you approach new challenges.
Daily routine – Learn how to design and consistently execute your perfect routine.
Mental health – Master and overcome your stress depression and anxiety.
Physical health – It’s not only about healthy eating and exercising. Discover the intricacies and habits involved in enhancing physical health.
Self-discipline – Overcome your impulses and conquer your temptations by implementing strategies from books such as The Willpower Instinct.
Self-love – Doing one simple exercise every morning will help you learn to love yourself. You will find instructions in the list of habits from The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.
Mindfulness – It’s not only meditation. It’s about giving attention to every aspect of your life.
High performance – Put into action the six habits that help you achieve long-term success summarized directly from the book High Performance Habits.
Morning motivation – You cannot improve yourself 100% overnight. But what you can do is improve 1% every single day.
Self-discovery – There are things you don’t know about yourself.
Goal setting – Set yourself up for success with long-term vision and short-term motivation. Explore the different methodologies recommended by coaches such as David Allen of Getting Things Done (aka gtd) and Anthony Robbins of Awaken The Giant Within.
Self-control – Work on mindfulness and then use strategies to gain full control of your mind.

Want more? In the app you can read summaries of entire self-help books for free.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
Limitless – Jim Kwik
How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Getting Things Done (GTD)
The Obstacle is the Way Ego is The Enemy – Ryan Holiday
Daring Greatly – Brené Brown
The 4-Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss
Zero to One
Why We Sleep
The Miracle Morning
Start With Why – Simon Sinek
Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill
The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
Never Split The Difference
Steve Jobs
Elon Musk
Atomic Habits – James Clear
Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink
12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson
The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman
Mindset – Carol Dweck
Deep Work – Cal Newport
Who Moved My Cheese? – Spencer Johnson
Influence – Robert Cialdini
Essentialism – Greg McKeown
Crushing it! – Gary Vaynerchuck
Tools Of Titans

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