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Lose weight with no stress vversion 7.177.217 [Premium]

Lose weight with no stress vversion 7.177.217 [Premium]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: The Opti-fit Method is a revolutionary way to achieve ideal weight and body sculpting for both women and men — without hunger, grueling workouts, calorie counting, or diets.


This android app is your personal fat loss and weight management assistant. It helps you quickly and efficiently achieve your goal, whether you’re looking to simply lose weight, trim your belly, or get ripped, achieving a minimal body fat percentage.

Information and food lists

What to eat to lose fat?

The app features a list of simple fat-loss foods. Discover which foods to eliminate from your meal plan to activate your internal fat burner, and as a result, quickly reduce weight and permanently say goodbye to excess fat.

The app will explain which foods to keep for proper nutrition, which for cutting, and what to exclude from your diet to activate the maximum fat-burning mode.

Intermittent fasting and fractional eating

Develop the habit of maintaining a healthy eating regimen and stick to it with a meal reminder.

Intermittent fasting and fractional eating are excellent ways to lose weight without feeling hungry and to complete a stress-free weight loss program of any duration.

If desired, the app will remind you of the times for meals and water intake, so you can even better maintain your chosen meal plan.

Lose fat with Opti-fit

Download this app — start your journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle!


The proposed methods and nutritional recommendations are based on the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), dedicated to healthy lifestyles and fighting obesity. The effectiveness of the “Opti-fit Method” is confirmed by numerous positive reviews, including from users of the previous version of the app – “Opti-fit: Fat Burner.”

Nevertheless, do not take the information provided in the app as the only correct solution to the problem of obesity that will suit everyone. Do not neglect medical diagnostics, doctor consultations, and other specialized professionals.


Your weight loss result* may vary depending on health conditions, individual body parameters, and other circumstances.

• The Opti-fit Method is especially effective for people with a body fat percentage of more than 25%.

• Fitness form levels can be reached relatively quickly: women (21%-25% fat), men (14%-18% fat).

• More effort will be needed to achieve an athletic body shape: less than 14% fat.

* We do not promise specific weight loss results.

What’s New:
We’ve added a concise overview of the Opti-fit Method. At the beginning of each lesson article, you’ll now find a brief summary generated by AI, making it easier for you to grasp the fundamental principles of Opti-fit.

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