Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars v2.88 (Latest Update)

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars v2.88 (Latest Update) +Obb

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense Apk info

Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game that challenges you to build an empire and battle against a bunch of players from all over the world in gigantic mega battles. Plus, you can customize your hero’s skills and equipment.

The way you’ll be managing your empire isn’t too out of the ordinary within the world of Android battle and strategy games. Meaning, you need to use a number of different resources (stone, wood, food, etc.) to construct new buildings in order to eventually build bigger and better buildings.

During battles, players aren’t allowed to directly control how their armies respond to enemy attacks. You’ll have to prepare them for combat beforehand and maintain your troops’ spirits high to keep them fighting and alive. Remember that the quality of your weapons and armor will, without a doubt, tip the odds in your favor.

Besides online battles against other players, Lords Mobile features many single-player missions that follow the story mode. In this game mode, you’ll face special enemies that’ll put your army to the test.

Lords Mobile is a noteworthy management strategy game that has stunning visuals. It also deserves a special mention for the quality of the multi-player battling scenes that include over a hundred units at any given moment on your screen.

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#Sanctuary [Divine Providence] Adjustments
– Now rescues more Troops from Turf defensive battles.
– Troops arrive gradually over time, but stop arriving when capacity is reached.
#Trial By Fire
– [Quick Sweep]: Clears all available stages if you’re strong enough.
#War for Wonder Countdown Adjustments
– Less than 1h after start: Base 30m, Fort 20m
– More than 1h: Base 15m, Fort 10m
– More than 2h: Base 5m, Fort 5m

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Lords_Mobile_Battle_of_the_Empires_v2.88.apk –  65.9 MB

Lords_Mobile_Battle_of_the_Empires_v2.88.zip –  279.8 MB

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