Lineage or Legacy [Ch.4 Act II]

In Lineage or Legacy, you take the role of a young man who was raised in the comforts of a rich family. Coddled by his mother, the protagonist lead a life of gratification and hence fell victim to obesity, callowness and lethargy. Due to this, the father had grown restless to his child’s (the protagonist) habits and constantly argued with him. One day, you had had enough resentment towards your father and you left home to pursue a higher education at LewSerr University. After leaving the comforts of your home, you will now face the hardships of life and attempt to find a place for yourself in this world.​

Thread Updated: 2024-03-13
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Developer: Biting The Bullet Patreon 
Version: Chapter 4 Act II
: Android
Language: English

Chapter 4: Act II
Render count: ~1150
Animations: 20 I think (6 of which are unlockables from the gallery)
Another batch of backgrounds for the Smartwatch.
Around 28K wordcount so an estimate of 1 hour 30 minutes according to the internet.
I tried a different selection of music this time to experiment a bit.


Download for ANDROID

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