lex: Multi-Speed Auto Scroll v1.1.9 [Mod]

Flex: Multi-Speed Auto Scroll v1.1.9 [Mod]
Requirements: 10.0+
Overview: Flex Scroll will add a floating widget to the screen, featuring buttons for automatic scrolling: continuous scroll down / scroll up, page down / page up, and page right / page left. It also adds a slider in the margin, allowing you to conveniently adjust the auto scroll speed while scrolling.

What’s more, Flex Scroll offers two buttons each for continuous scrolling down and up: at a normal speed, and at a slow speed. Adjust these speeds to your liking, and then switch between a faster speed for browsing and a slower speed for reading at the press of a button! (Pro version)

Flex Scroll contains no ads.

The app’s features:
– Conveniently adjust the auto scroll speed using an on-screen slider
– The currently selected scroll speed will be indicated in the margin
– Option to have the speed selection slider fade after some seconds
– Easily switch between a faster speed for browsing and a slower speed for reading using dedicated buttons (Pro version)
– Jump to the top of the page at the press of a button
– Scroll an entire page at the press of a button
– Conveniently adjust the page size individually for each app using on-screen sliders
– Start/stop a repeat timer for the page scrolling at the press of a button
– Conveniently adjust the page scroll timeout using an on-screen slider
– Select the apps where you want the auto scroll widget to appear
– In an app, the widget can be hidden in the margin and brought back via a swipe from the edge of the screen

What’s new:
– Bugfix

Package Info:
● Supported Languages: af, am, ar, as, az, be, bg, bn, bs, ca, cs, da, de, el, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IN, en-XC, es, es-US, et, eu, fa, fi, fr, fr-CA, gl, gu, hi, hr, hu, hy, in, is, it, iw, ja, ka, kk, km, kn, ko, ky, lo, lt, lv, mk, ml, mn, mr, ms, my, nb, ne, nl, or, pa, pl, pt, pt-BR, pt-PT, ro, ru, si, sk, sl, sq, sr, sr-Latn, sv, sw, ta, te, th, tl, tr, uk, ur, uz, vi, zh-CN, zh-HK, zh-TW, zu;

● Supported CPU architecture: None;

● Supported Screen DPI: Ldpi, Mdpi, Tvdpi, Hdpi, Xhdpi, Xxhdpi, Xxxhdpi.

Mod Info:
● Pro Feature Unlock.

● Google Play Store Install Package Removed / Disabled.

● In-App Billing Service Removed / Disabled.

● All Unnecessary Garbage Folder & File Removed.

● Duplicate Dpi Item Remove Like:

– Bar Length, Drawable Size, Gap Between Bars.

● Splits0 File Removed (Resources & AndroidManifest).

● Splits0 Releated Unnecessary Meta-Data Remove Like:

– Stamp Source, Stamp Type Standalone Apk, Android Vending Splits, Android Vending Derived Apk.

● Removed Debug Information (Source, Line, Param, Prologue, Local).

● Total Apk Size 1.45 Mb.

This app has no advertisements

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