Lewd Town Adventures [v0.2] (18+)

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Not going in to details because you have to find out everything yourself but..

Welcome to the town called Hooker.
A lovely and normal place where nothing special ever happens.
You, the main character was never able to fit in because you we’re born unlucky.
After a series of unfateful events your life changed completely.
Now it’s up to you to decide what will become of the people living there.

An extra clarification:

I’m going to turn this in to the most lewd game out there.
also, any kind of fetish people don’t like is avoidable by clear choices.
You can totally play this in a vanilla way.​


Updated: 2020-09-27
Release Date: 2020-09-05
Developer: Jamleng Games –  –
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux , Mac, Android
Language: English


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 Game name changed from Hooker Town Adventures to Lewd Town Adventures.
• Added a pretty cool(?) Quest Tracker which is available after the prologue.
• 500+ renders.
• 80+ animations.
• 35+ new events
• Total game time should be over 3 hours now?
• Added 3 new characters for a total of 30+ but there are 24 or so accessible.
• Added 1 new location for a total of 29+.
• Changed the interface/menu’s/banners.
• Vastly reduced the size of the game, there is a small loss in quality but nothing major.
(2.4g to > 812ish mb, fully compressed: 245mb. Fun fact: 800mb was the size of this update alone.) I doubt anyone will really notice the difference but if there are complaints I can always upload the full version.
• Added thousands of lines of dialogue/code.
• Improved the mild/wild system for a more friendly or hardcore experience.
• Rewrote a part of the story.
• Recoded event triggers for a better experience. 
(This probably needs more tweaking but -from a player experience, I have no idea.)
• Replaced and deleted one scene for a girl that took quite a bit of heat.
• This same girl had a remake and starts of way more mellow.
• Removed the harem tag for now but added others 
(You will eventually end up in some sort -of harem but this game takes a vastly different approach.)
• Remade the the nurse event in the prologue so it’s up to par with the quality of the rest of the game.
• Certain scenes are now repeatable.
• Mobile version available. 
(Only tested on an emulator so be wary. Feedback would be very much appreciated.)
• Lots of other things that are not really worth mentioning.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed Discord I put a dead link in the game before, join my channel if you like:) Discord
• Fixed my Patreon.
• Fixed a bug where the nun’s would not recognize you after a certain event.
• Fixed a bug where talking to Felicia could give an error screen.
• Fixed a bug where you got the wrong amount of money after training a girl.
• Fixed two-three events that shared the same code. Really sorry, this could mess up your -experience A LOT.
• Fixed many typos but I’m probably still missing many others.
• Fixed plenty of more stuff but not really worth mentioning.

I’ve played through version 0.2 about 20 times. As of now I was not able to find any bugs or errors.
I would love your feedback. Also, please report any bugs or typos that you may find either by discord, forum or fax.

Hope you guys will enjoy this update. Cheers!

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