Lesson in Loyalty [Ch.3]

Kurt is a 25-year-old teacher who finds it challenging to take the desired steps in life.
In order to make ends meet, alongside working as a private tutor due to his plans not progressing as intended,
he also takes on a part-time role as a fitness instructor at a gym.

Under the umbrella of a brokerage company that acts as a bridge between teachers and parents, Kurt diligently works to satisfy his managers. Despite his dedication, Kurt generally goes unnoticed within the company. However, Kurt’s path takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with an old friend.

This encounter marks the beginning of a completely new chapter in Kurt’s life. Acquiring new students through the reference of his old friend, Kurt becomes increasingly popular within the company, earning the appreciation of both parents and managers.

Simultaneously, he strives to maintain a balance in his relationships with the newly acquainted parents. Additionally, he finds himself in an intense competition with a colleague who is also his rival at the gym.

Caught in the midst of life anxiety and betrayal, Kurt endeavors to discover how to balance this complex situation. As someone who needs to maintain a professional attitude in both of his jobs, how will Kurt achieve this equilibrium? Let’s explore together what unfolds in this intricate story.

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Thread Updated: 2024-04-02
Release Date: 2024-03-17
Developer: Lesson in Loyalty PatreonĀ 
Censored: No
Version: Ch.3
OS: Android
Language: English

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