Kingmaker [v0.12]

You will be a young prince that is not only in the middle of a crisis, but whose road to the throne is less than certain. The kingdom is ravaged by war, schemes, debt, and death among other things.
You will play the first day of each week, which is meant to set the example of what your character does the rest of that week. I found this made more sense than a day to day game for the logic of how fast skills increase, how quickly relationships develop, and the time between game events, etc.
That first day will then be divided in four stages. Morning, Noon, Evening and Night.
During the morning you will hold court. That is the time when subjects of the kingdom will bring you petitions for you to give your judgement.
Your choices will affect how the kingdom sees you as a ruler. With this in mind it will be near impossible to please all the factions, and they might rebel or scheme if their support reaches zero. Having a good relationship with them on the other hand might unlock different things that are more pleasant.
Your skill level might also unlock different solutions for the problems brought to the court. These options are usually better.
After holding court, the noon and evening times you will spend them in the map menu. There you can decide which skills you will develop during the week.

Bug fixes

Increased upkeep of knights to 12

Fixed pop exploit.

Fixed bugs regarding screens not closing when opening other menus.

Visual fixes.


Added a sex scene with the witch and the witch’s cauldron. (Makes sense in game)

Added a sex scene involving the roomies (sorta)

Added a regular scene with the Steel Maid

Added a regular scene with the Valkrii

Added a regular scene with the Elven Queen

Added two regular events with the Elven Queen and the younger roomie

Added a regular scene with the elven freewoman

Added 4 regular scenes for the maid

Added courtiers’ comments for the Valkrii as she arrives at court

Added a coronation event.

Added a questline of sorts to acquire a brothel.

Added a sex scene with the matron of the brothel

Added two regular scenes with a femboyish squire. Plus an option to increase/reduce the homoeroticism levels.

Minor changes to the first elf-slave event and a new scene.

Made a couple of backgrounds slightly nicer. (I think I finally made some decent backgrounds.)


Most skill checks now work as options in dialogue menus instead of forced “quick events” if that makes sense. Kinda like New Vegas.

The tax screen now shows the amount of gold that you will earn if you increase or decrease them.

Characters present at court are now visible during court events.

Revamped the map. Also I made it scrollable. (This is a test. I might have to reduce the number of provinces because it takes me a couple of seconds to load up the map the first time that I open it.)

Changed how training skills work, reducing the number of options.

Added an achievement-like system in which you can earn different nicknames depending on your feats.

Added a system so characters can have joint storylines.

Added a brothel to the citadel.