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InstallerX v1.7 build 30 t13

InstallerX v1.7 build 30 t13
Requirements: Android 5.0+ | Shizuku / Dhizuku or Root
Overview: A modern and functional Android app installer. (You know some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright.)


An application installer, why not try [InstallerX]?

Under the magic modification of domestic systems, the experience of the built-in installer of many systems is not very good. You can use [InstallerX] to replace the system default installer.

Of course, compared to the native system, [InstallerX] also brings more installation options: dialog box installation, notification bar installation, automatic installation, declare installer, choose whether to install to all user spaces, allow testing packages, allow downgrade installation, Automatically delete the installation package after installation.

What’s New:
– Skip the startup inquiry pop-up window

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