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Immersive Chinese 1.90 (Subscribed) APK

APK Specifications
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Developer Immersive Chinese
Category Education Apps
Version 1.90 (Subscribed)
Size 12.6 MB
Added Date January 05, 2024
Ratings 4.8

APK Screenshots

APK Description

Made by Developer Immersive Chinese which requires 4.1 and up with the Ratings of 4.8 and contains 12.6 MB.

APK Whats New

This app has no advertisements

Minor backend updates
Fixes for a few rare bugs that caused crashes.
Fixed the issue where playback stops when switching to vocabulary view mid-sentence.

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History of Immersive Chinese APK

  • v1.89 (Subscribed)
  • v1.86 (Subscribed)
  • v1.85 (Subscribed)
  • v1.84 (Subscribed)
  • v1.80