Hungry Dragon Mod APK v4.6 (Lots of Money)

Hungry Dragon Mod APK v4.6 (Lots of Money)

Hungry Dragon APK Review

Hungry Dragon Mod APK is (as the name suggests) a version of the incredible Hungry Shark…but with a dragon as your protagonists. Your objective will be to eat everything that moves inside the setting and get the best score possible. Beware of the enemies that are bigger than you though!

The controls in Hungry Dragon are practically identical to the ones you’ve seen in Hungry Shark: on the right side of the screen you’ll see the virtual movement stick and to the left you’ll see the second virtual stick that lets you fly even faster.

When you start playing you’ll only have one dragon available to you but as you advance and play you’ll start gaining experience. You can then unlock more and bigger dragons. The bigger they are, the bigger your pray too. Also, when your dragon is bigger you can unlock new areas that you can’t access as a tiny fellow.

Hungry Dragon Mod APK is a 3D arcade with a simple approach that’s as simple as it is fun. It offers excellent visuals and a ton of content that you can unlock. In total, there are more than a dozen different dragons and other pets that you can use to terrorize the world.

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Drak-awet, part Dragon, part God has arisen from the sands!
An ancient being believed cursed to sleep forever, awoken by unknown forces after 3000 years to bring doom to Dragonheim…

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