How much can I spend? Expense Tracker Premium v1.15 [Paid]

Expense Control: How much can I spend? Premium v1.15 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: This is the premium version of the “Expense Control: How Much Can I Spend?” app. In its functionality it is completely identical to the full version purchased within the free version of the application. Therefore, if you have already purchased the full version you do not need to switch to premium, the difference will be only in the color of the app icon :)


The goal of the app

This app does not require you to enter each expense in the appropriate category. This app does not answer the question “on what was spent the money”. The goal of the app is to indicate how much you can spend with the current balance.

Who is this app useful for?

This app will help you if
# you don’t have enough money until the next payday.

# you want to know if you can afford this purchase and how it will affect family expenses

# you want to save money for certain purposes

How it works

Robert Kiyosaki rightly noted that “costs tend to increase with wage increases.” Therefore, it is important to take control of cash flow.

The application is very simple. You specify how much money you have and when the next payday arrives, the app divides the amount of money by the number of days before payday and as a result you get the daily spending limit for the current moment.

With a decrease in the balance the limit decreases as well, it is recalculated with the next day: this means that the payday has approached. Once a day (or more often) it adjusts your balance and analyzes the result. Dropping the limit for several days in a row means you’ve reached the critical point: you live above your means.

Some of the money can be specified as “Savings”: they will be counted separately and will not affect the calculation of the daily spending limit.

App Features
A coin is used. If you want to take into account the funds placed in another currency, you will need to convert them yourself into the main currency of the application.

Cash amounts are rounded to integer values: fractional parts are not important for the main purpose of the application and only make it difficult to read the financial landscape.

The app does not read your SMS and does not spy on you in any other way. Only the funds you declare are taken into account.

No ads

What’s New:
v. 1.15
* Added Turkish translation, corrected Spanish translation

This app has no advertisements

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