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Health Tracker v1.11.1 [Pro]

Health Tracker v1.11.1 [Pro]
Requirements: Android 6.0 and up
Overview: Health Tracker is a powerful and user-friendly application. It’s also a handy tool for overall healthy living.


Health Tracker is a powerful and user-friendly application. It’s also a handy tool for overall healthy living.
Simply download and install the app on your mobile phone to start using it.

Key Features:
1. Easily record blood pressure and blood sugar data
With a simple input interface, you can record your systolic, diastolic, pulse and blood glucose at any time and place. Easily edit, save or update your health data.

2. Analyze Long-term Trends with Health Charts
Visual charts helps you track your daily health status and monitor changes in blood pressure.

3. Expand Your Knowledge about health
This app doesn’t just track your health. Here, you will learn about accurate and practical knowledge to build healthy lifestyle.

Additional features :
Pedometer: The built-in pedometer will record your daily movements. Maintain an active lifestyle!
Medication Reminder: Customize your medication reminders to ensure timely intake. Never miss a dose!
Water Intake: Remind you to drink water regularly. A good water balance is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure!
Tracking Sleep: Record your sleep time and provide you with soothing sleep-aiding music. Get quality sleep every day!
(these features need health and notification permissions)

Download our app now to start monitoring your health and improving your lifestyle! We believe it will be a valuable tool for you.

+ This app is designed to support the recording of indicators and cannot measure blood pressure or blood sugar levels.
+ The tips provided in the app are for reference purposes only.
+ This app uses the camera of your phone to capture the image and uses algorithms to recognize the heartbeat, the results may be biased.
+ Health Tracker cannot replace professional medical equipment.
+ If you have a medical condition or are worried about your heart condition, please consult a doctor promptly.

Mod Info-
• Membership Unlocked
• Ads Removed
• Removed useless files

What’s New:
Fixed some known issues and improved user experience.

This app has credit advertisements.

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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