Healslut [v0.88]

Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power… and consequences?‚Äč

Thread Updated: 2024-02-28
Release Date: 2024-02-17
Developer: Davie Zwei – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.88
: Android
Language: English


  • 863 sprites have been re-rendered to correct character size, height, and proportion (and still more to go…)
  • The Guidance system (in-game walkthrough) is now available in the game options (please drop your feedback!)
  • Familiar/Kitty Sparkle has been made less feline in appearance (a more furry variation is planned)
  • Several (mainly sexytimes) scenes have had “wimping out” removed unless Backpedaling is enabled
  • Finally found and fixed the blanket bug for backup and milked Sparkle
  • Added the option to skip Lel’s and Kayden’s Mindfuck sequences

Download for Android

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